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Your favorite celebrities’ real names may not be what you think they are. Well, that’s according to an amusing viral Twitter game that saw people fake Google searching famous names and posting the imaginary results ― such as Icelandic Cubicle for rapper and actor Ice Cube (instead of his actual name O’Shea Jackson). A sampling […]

Of course former White House photographer Pete Souza had something biting to say about this image of a volunteer for President Donald Trump trying to block a photojournalist from taking pictures of an anti-Trump protester: How did Souza, who regularly bashes the Trump administration with Instagram snaps from his time covering former President Barack Obama, respond? By […]

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. ― Imagine the perfect campaign event. You’re in a field on a breezy, sunny day, under a tent with free hamburgers and melty chocolate chip cookies. Toto’s “Africa” is blaring on a speaker somewhere. Children are giggling and running through bubbles, as influential politicians rave about you and give you money. This was […]

Fantasia Barrino doesn’t need soles to have soul. The former “American Idol” winner kicked off her shoes before singing a thrilling rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Precious Lord, Take My Hand/You’ve Got a Friend,” backed by a choir at the Queen of Soul’s funeral on Friday. “And I hope she don’t mind, I don’t think she would, but […]

It’s Beef Week at HuffPost Culture. Fight us. We’re very concerned about Nicki Minaj. Within a matter of weeks, she’s managed to start a beef with a 6-month-old, compare herself to Harriet Tubman and expose Tyga’s hairline troubles. And that’s not even the half of it. Sis is spiraling. The long, messy, rollout for her […]

President Donald Trump pulled this awkward pose in the Oval Office on Monday as he announced the overhaul of the North American Free Trade Agreement: And of course, folks online noticed. Reddit user mynameis_neo shared the snap to the site’s “PhotoshopBattles” thread on Thursday, where it was then reimagined in multiple funny ways. Including Trump […]

Bette Midler zinged President Donald Trump on Thursday after he warned of “violence” should Democrats wrestle control of the House of Representatives from the GOP in the upcoming November midterm elections. Earlier this week, Trump reportedly told evangelical Christian leaders that Democrats would “overturn everything that we’ve done, and they’ll do it quickly and violently, and violently. There’s […]

A Texas woman who says she unintentionally voted illegally was sentenced Thursday to 10 months in prison for violating the terms of her release for a felony conviction. In March, she had been sentenced to five years for the actual voting. The federal judge’s ruling comes after Crystal Mason voted with a provisional ballot in the […]

If you couldn’t make it to the royal wedding but still want your chance to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle up close, Madame Tussauds is on it. The famed wax museum unveiled two “live figures” ― that is, real people wearing what appear to be wax versions of Harry and Meghan’s faces ― in London […]

It’s Beef Week at HuffPost Culture. Fight us. Of all the stories about troubled movie productions, none are quite as unbelievable as the saga of 2004’s “Blade: Trinity.” Let’s just say, it’s truly eye-opening. Actor and comedian Patton Oswalt has recounted his experience on the “Trinity” set multiple times, claiming that during filming, Wesley Snipes would […]

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