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Adam Sandler confirms to Drew Barrymore that a ‘Happy Gilmore 2’ is “in process”

Written by on 04/06/2024

Appearing on Drew Barrymore‘s chat show, Adam Sandler confirmed there will indeed be a sequel to his hit 1996 comedy Happy Gilmore.

On Friday’s episode, a sneak of which was dropped online, Drew gave the audience of her eponymous talk show the backstory of the anticipated follow-up, explaining how actor Christopher McDonald, who played scheming golfer Shooter McGavin in the film, had been shown a draft of a sequel script by Sandler.

Explaining she sent Adam a video of her and her daughter watching Billy Madison, Drew said, “I’m waiting for Adam to confirm” McDonald’s claims.

A short time later, Drew looked at her phone. “This just in: I have breaking news. I’ll just say this, from my source, that it is in process,” she said, to cheers from the studio audience.

She continued, quoting her “source” Sandler but not naming him, “There is a process, and that process is in process.”

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