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The official trailer for the Sundance Film Festival breakout “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” which has sparked conversations among viewers about gentrification and family legacies, was released Thursday. “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” a debut feature film by director/co-writer Joe Talbot, follows the story of Jimmie Fails, who is on a quest to […]

Me Too founder Tarana Burke is taking her activism on the road.  The anti-sexual violence advocate announced on Wednesday that she’s spearheading a five-stop tour visiting historically black colleges and universities to discuss sexual violence on college campuses. The “Me Too HBCU tour” will be co-hosted by Burke and cultural scholar Yaba Blay throughout the […]

At a town hall on Thursday, white supremacist Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) claimed he was told that New Orleans flood victims only ever asked for help, unlike Iowans who “take care of each other.” King was addressing a room of constituents in Iowa when he spoke about the devastating flooding that has been seen all across […]

Jordan Peele’s work sits on your chest and stays there for a while after you’ve left the theater. This was true of his Academy Award-winning “Get Out,” but maybe even more so with his sophomore follow-up, “Us.” Don’t get it confused. “Us” is not “Get Out.” The latter reminded audiences of the ever-present danger of […]

Trevor Noah couldn’t stop laughing at the report that concertina wire stolen from the U.S. southern border is being sold to homeowners in Tijuana, who are using it to fortify their properties. On Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show,” Noah described the news as his “favorite story of the year” and perhaps his entire life. […]

Growing up, House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) recalls a time when his parents weren’t allowed to vote because of persistent racist policies in the South. Despite his personal experience with that deeply undemocratic era, the House’s third-ranking member apparently still views President Donald Trump as the greater threat to American democracy. In an interview with NBC Tuesday, […]

Forget green eggs and ham ― John Legend goes straight for the leafy greens in the morning. The singer and coach on “The Voice” recently revealed that he started eating salad for breakfast after he got some important health information from his doctor. “My doctor told me that I needed more antioxidants in my diet because […]

The host of NBC’s “Late Night” explained Tuesday that he didn’t believe King, who has a history of promoting white nationalist rhetoric, really wants a civil war, but warned “there are a lot of unstable people out there who are prone to violence.” “And one of them,” Meyers added, is President Donald Trump. The comedian […]

The forthcoming 18th annual Tribeca Film Festival in New York City will feature a screening of the pilot episode of the popular 1990s sketch comedy series “In Living Color.” The festival, which will take place from April 24 to May 5, will for the first time celebrate anniversaries and milestones of iconic television shows as […]

In a more normal time, if a woman alleged the man who would become the U.S. president kissed her without consent, it might be a major national story meriting weeks of intense news coverage. But the current president is Donald Trump, who has now been accused of sexual misconduct and harassment by more than twenty women, […]

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