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Koko, the “talking” gorilla who captured world headlines when she learned sign language, died Wednesday. She was 46. The famed western lowland gorilla died in her sleep, according to officials at The Gorilla Foundation, a research center in Woodside, California, where Koko lived since the 1970s.

Killer Mike posted two videos Sunday apologizing for a video interview he did with the National Rifle Association. The rapper, who was born Michael Render, had faced backlash after NRA TV shared the piece on the same day the March For Our Lives rallies were held across the country. Killer Mike said the interview had been shot […]

Just five weeks ago, a gunman killed 17 of their friends and teachers at school and changed the course of their lives. This weekend, the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School led a historic march for gun control, what they called a March for Our Lives.   Here’s how the Parkland, Florida, students went from experiencing […]

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