ABOUT PARDISON FONTAINE     Given Name Jordan Thorpe Date of Birth Dec 29, 1989 – Age 29 Hometown Newburgh, NY Social Pardison Fontaine is an American hip hop artist, songwriter, and former college basketball player from Newburgh, New York. He is known for writing hit songs for top artists, the likes of Kanye West […]

ABOUT LIL NAS X Given Name Montero Lamar Hill Date of Birth Apr 09, 1999 – Age 20 Hometown Atlanta, Georgia Social Lil Nas X made a splash in the hip-hop world with the release of his viral hit “Old Country Road.” Designed as part of the social media app Tik-Tok’s aptly-titled “Yeehaw Challenge,” Lil […]

February 18, 2019

Get Boo’d Up To Ella Mai Ella Mai first made a name for herself when her covers of popular songs by artists like Fetty Wap and Chris Brown started to gain attention on YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram. When she released her single “Boo’d Up” in February 2017, the song was fairly well-received by her following, but […]

February 14, 2019

Meet HipHop’s Lil Baby “Wah-wah-wah, bitch I’m the Baby!” The first time I heard that bar, on Lil Baby’s “Yes Indeed,” I knew he was ready for a breakout year. The single featured a megastar (Drake), but Lil Baby had more than enough charisma to hold his own. From that moment forward, he’s been on a winning streak, dropping Harder Than […]

Meet Hot Girl Megan Thee Stallion Megan Thee Stallion is a hot girl, and she knows it. The 23-year-old Houston rapper is the creator of an unofficial club of her own listeners, known as Hotties, who show up to her concerts and scream her lyrics like they wrote them. She released her breakthrough project, Tina Snow, last summer, and […]

December 20, 2018

Meet Dancehall’s Rygin King He has been racking up hit after hit in recent times. His songs, ‘Things Go Change’ and ‘How Me Grow’, have been creating a buzz on the local scene, igniting the dancehall space and has helped to cement the up-and-coming artiste’s place on ‘the ones to watch out for’ list. His […]

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