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Music is a way of life for DJ JD which he connects with spiritually. His musical abilities has no boundaries or any particular language. Anyone can to his style of music and Djing, it is therapeutic and as helped him through life challenges.

JD started djing back in his hometown of Lagos, Nigeria in 2010. He soon realised the joy music brought to people, and it inspired him to make it a career.

Coming to America was a culture shock for JD, but music helped him to connect with his new environment, the different cultures and people.

Afrobeats is a genre that infuses the Nigerian/African sound with other genres, it is a vibrant, exhilarating and a carefree sound with feel-good and positive vibes. DJ JD’s goal with his DJ career is to spread love and the African culture through music and create value for upcoming Dj’s and creatives. Today, he stands as one of Boston’s premier Afrobeat/Dancehall DJs and also play various open format of music.

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