Justin Ellen’s Everything Just Baked continues to change the game

Written by on August 29, 2023

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Justin Ellen is becoming a legend in the world of baking, gaining a following from his local fans in New Jersey and from viewers of “Is It Cake?” on Netflix.

Ellen is a kind and gentle soul with a heart full of dreams and aspirations. He’s fascinated by the magic of creating something from scratch, and he found his passion in the world of baking. His cakes mesmerize and enchant people across the country, reminding them of the power of dedication, perseverance and a touch of magic.

As Ellen continues making his mark in the baking industry, he takes a moment to talk with theGrio about preparing cakes and using Instagram to build his business, which is pulling in six figures.

“Is it Cake?”. Justin Ellen in Season 1 episode 6 of “Is it Cake?” Courtesy of Netflix 2022

As a child, Ellen spent many afternoons watching his grandmother bake delicious cakes in her cozy kitchen. The mesmerizing aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and freshly baked bread filled the air, leaving an everlasting impression on Ellen. His grandmother’s cakes were not just desserts; they were love and warmth in every bite. This is what encouraged Ellen to follow his heart and discover the magic of baking.

After a few years, Ellen started baking cakes of all kinds – from classic vanilla to rich chocolate, from fruit-filled delights to elegant layered creations. With each attempt, he learned from his mistakes and refined his skills.

Ellen’s cakes became a hit all over New Jersey. The joy he brought with his cakes sparked something deep within him, making him realize that baking was not just a hobby; it was his calling. With the support of his family and he founded his own bakery – “Everything Just Baked.”

As the news of Ellen’s bakery spread, people from all over the town flocked to taste his cakes. Each creation had a story, a touch of nostalgia, and an abundance of love. From toddlers to elders, everyone found comfort and joy in his desserts.

Through his journey, Ellen discovered that baking was not just about making delicious treats but about creating memories, sharing love, and bringing people together. He found fulfillment in spreading happiness through his cakes, just as his grandmother had done in her kitchen all those years ago.

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