Lil Wayne’s (Sort Of) Song Dedication To Kamala Harris During The VP’s Hip-Hop Anniversary Concert Is Unintentionally Funny

Written by on September 10, 2023

The 50th anniversary of hip-hop has inspired a host of award show tributes, dedications to the genre’s unsung heroes, and a look back at fashion across the decades. Even the White House has taken a moment to highlight the cultural phenomenon. On Saturday, September 9, Vice President Kamala Harris hosted a special concert at her home in Washington, DC, to celebrate the milestone.

Although the lineup was jam-packed with several heavy hitters within the space, Lil Wayne’s performance is all users on social media can talk about, thanks to a clip from The Hollywood Reporter.

The song that has viewers quite literally laughing out loud is his 2008 song “Mrs. Officer.”

As the video starts, Lil Wayne grooves out to the chorus before rapping, “Yeah, doing a buck in the latest drop / I got stopped by a lady cop / She got me thinking I can date a cop / ‘Cause her uniform pants are so tight / She read me my rights / She put me in a car, she cut off all the lights / She said I have the right to remain silent / Now I got her hollering, sounding like a siren.”

When Lil Wayne originally recorded the song, it seemed to be a way to put a spin on his relationship with the law. However, given VP Harris’ past as a prosecutor and then a district attorney, on top of Wayne’s previous legal entanglements, many couldn’t help but find the humor in that song selection.

“I feel like the world right now is just one big episode of the Boondocks at this point 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,” wrote one person.

Another applauded Lil Wayne for his comical foresight, writing, “This had to have been intentional. Too on the nose…it’s giving Veep parallel universe, lol. I need the camera to cut to the aids looking at each other, stunned 😂.”

“The irony is too good,” chimed another.

Based on the crowd’s reaction, another person questioned if the joke was lost on those attending the event. “I wonder how many people at the event caught what Lil Wayne did by performing this specific song at the residence of this specific Vice President 😂,” they wrote.

“Between Harris being an ex-prosecutor and Weezy avoiding prison on a gun charge by endorsing Trump in exchange for a pardon, this is pretty f*cking funny,” posted another.

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