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Boston's Unapologetic Urban Voice

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Notorious In The Morning is Boston's Premier Urban Morning Show hosted by Notorious VOG serving Boston's Communities of Color by focusing on local quality of life issues such as education, housing, inequality, voting, and criminal justice.

Unlike anything else on radio; Notorious VOG’s unapologetic stance on accountability, personal responsibility, and critical thinking have been paramount for communities of color and immigrant communities, moving many to become progressively astute, aware, and involved for the first time with happenings in local community.

Notorious In The Morning engages listeners with a youthful energy that reaches younger audiences through segments such as: Morning Service Announcements – Real life community announcements delivered by a fictitious Pastor-Bishop-Deacon Barak Washington, III played by VOG; Weekly Boston Top 10 – that draws from urban life experiences growing up in Boston which results in lots of laughs and reminiscing; Friday Court – listeners disputes are aired live and answered with realness by VOG; Reality Dish – recapping of the hottest reality shows and gossips; Band Phrase – banding of a popularly and often misused word or term for 24 Hours; and Urban Agenda – where Notorious VOG tackles topics of racial injustice, multiple forms of self-determination, community advocacy, financial literacy, politics, spirituality, health, and so much more!

Notorious In Morning is the #1 morning show in the streets of Boston among African American and Caribbean radio listeners. Over the years, VOG has transformed the typical dialogue of victimization coming from communities of color to talk of empowerment. For his work on the program, VOG has received many accolades and high praises for holding elected officials accountable while transforming constituencies of color into informed and engaged voters.

6:30 am – 11:00 am EST Time: Monday – Friday

The station’s official morning show. Featuring entertaining chatter, interviews, entertainment, news, fun, and, humor /w mix of Hip-Hop, R&B, Dancehall. (Format-Reg)

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Host of Notorious In The Morning (NITM), Boston's premier urban morning show, Notorious VOG serves city’s urban communities of color by focusing on under-reported local quality of life issues such as education, housing, inequality, voting, and criminal justice. VOG combines quality of life topics with humor, wit, love of culture, black music, along with topical conversations about local sports and the world of entertainment.

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