Offset addresses Cardi B drama in a hysterical parody

Written by on July 26, 2023

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Offset has new music coming this week, and he has a hilarious way of announcing it. The rapper dropped a James Brown parody video to social media that mentions his issues with his wife, Cardi B.

The former Migos rapper teamed up with recent Oscar-winning actress Jamie Lee Curtis to recreate an infamous 1988 television interview with Brown, in which the late funk legend speaks very erratically.

Curtis poses as a news anchor interviewing Offset, asking him to address issues with Cardi B. Offset, who donned a wig and clothes similar to what Brown wore on the day of his interview, answers Curtis with lines from Brown’s interview, impersonating his voice.

MIgos Offset American Sole
Offset at a fashion show in 2019. The rapper alludes to new music in a comical Instgram post.(Getty Images)

“Your fans are saying there is a lot of drama between you and your beautiful wife, Cardi B,” Curtis begins, to which Offset exclaims, “Haaaaaaaa,” in the vocal style of Brown. “OK, you’re not going to answer my f—ing question, are you?” Curtis asks, to which Offset replies, “There’s no problems.”

The video comes after Offset publicly accused his Grammy-winning wife of cheating, according to People. Curtis then quips, “She seems… upset, Offset.” The rapper comes back with “I’m out on love” before ending the video with “Let’s talk about some music,” followed by a graphic that reads “July 28.”

The caption of the Instagram video, jointly posted by Offset and Curtis, directed the viewers to head to the link in Offset’s bio for new music. The link leads to a countdown to the music’s release and Spotify and Apple Music pre-save options.

The Brown interview that Offset and Curtis recreated was conducted by CNN’s Sonya Friedman. It took place after Brown’s arrest for allegedly assaulting his then-wife Adrienne Lois Rodriguez with a lead pipe. He had been released on bail when he sat down with Friedman.

During the interview, Brown, who seemed distracted, deflected many of Friedman’s questions about the arrest and the allegations of assault, focusing on a forthcoming concert tour of South America instead. Comedian Jordan Peele spoofed the interview in 2016.

This year, Offset has released a pair of collaborative singles. In January, he and Hit-Boy released “2 Live.” In March, he teamed up with R-Mean, DB Bantino and Scott Storch for “TBS.” His lone solo album, “Father of 4,” dropped in 2019.

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