Getty Image Chance The Rapper has been busy with the announcements lately. Last week, he announced that he was having his second child with wife Kristen Corley, announced a new album coming in July last month, and took to Twitter to tease some tour dates today. Got a concert in New York after my #owbum […]

Getty Image Travis Scott‘s Astroworld was inarguably one of 2018’s biggest musical events. In 2019, the record and its accompanying “Astroworld: Wish You Were Here” Tour are still all anyone can talk about in music. For much of the last four months, the twenty-six-year-old has been rocking sold-out arenas across North America. And if it […]

Uproxx Studios Now that Drake’s classic mixtape So Far Gone is available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify, fans have started wondering what other groundbreaking tapes from the “blog era” of hip-hop deserve similar veneration. Many of those older mixtapes don’t exist in their original forms online anymore, even though many of them were […]

It’s very weird (in the coincidental sense), because just a few days ago I was wondering “what’s up with that new album, Chano?” Ever since he won three awards at the 2017 GRAMMYs, Chance The Rapper has been a very busy individual. Alongside his nonstop philanthropic efforts, Chance has hosted SNL, guested alongside tracks from […]

Getty Image Chance The Rapper has new music on the way. Late Monday evening, the rapper sent out a one-word tweet. It read simply, “July.” Shortly after that Chance’s manager Pat Corcoran added two more words: “CHANCE ALBUM. JULY.” Three years after his monumental, Grammy-winning debut Coloring Book, it seems Chance is ready to make […]

Getty Image   It appears Cardi B has deactivated her Instagram. On Sunday night, the 26-year-old became the first woman to win Best Rap Album at the Grammys. On Monday, Cardi posted a series of videos reflecting on her win and addressing naysayers who believed she was undeserving of the honor. The rapper spent most […]

[embedded content] Share This Video This is not a drill; snack food rap battles are now a “thing.” Apparently, Cheetos mascot Chester The Cheetah didn’t appreciate watching Chance The Rapper and Doritos stepping on his Flamin’ Hot territory during the Super Bowl and hit the studio to spit some bars calling them out. If you’re […]

Getty Image There aren’t too many games left before we’ll all say goodbye to Dwyane Wade. The Miami Heat guard and the future Hall of Fame inductee announced before the season that he plans on calling it a career at the end of the year, saying he was going to come back for one last […]

Getty Image In the past few days, social media lit up again with instances of women coming out against their sex abusers, spurred by the Lifetime documentary series Surviving R. Kelly. One woman accused “Morning View” rapper Towkio of rape and Social Experiment drummer Stix of sexual assault, prompting Chance The Rapper, closely associated to […]

It certainly can’t be easy being a musician and being the younger sibling of one of the most popular artists in the country. Then again, It’s also just not easy being a musician. Taylor Bennett is familiar with both situations, and his latest release, “Streaming Services” is an ode to the latter struggle. The four-minute […]

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