‘The Chi’: Here’s The Music You Heard In Season 6, Episode 2

Written by on August 11, 2023

(WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s The Chi episode will be found below.)

On this week’s episode of The Chi season six, many of the show’s main and recurring characters have to take big steps forward in their lives. Kevin weighs a new romance with Maisha, who has a lot on her plate with her first performance since the shooting at her last show in season five. Emmett owes Keisha an apology, as well as a house which she requested after he bought a car for Tiffany. Speaking of Tiffany, she and Rob are looking to advance their marijauan business and they’ve met the man who can help them do that. Lynae’s older brother comes home from jail, and thanks to Victor, there’s a chance they could reconnect and repair their relationship, depending on her brother’s

The aforementioned events in the second episode of Showtime’s The Chi season two, titled “Mo’ Douda, Mo’ Problems,” are soundtracked by songs that help to accentuate the emotions behind each scene. You can find a list of them below as well as details about the scenes that the records played behind.

Will Jordan — “Back To Me”

We hear this record around the 7:00 mark as Tiffany visits Dante, whom she supplies marijuana to, and finds out that he enjoying a new batch of weed from someone else. The individual is Kyro, a man focused on growing marijuana that is pure and not harsh on those who smoke it. He expresses his desire to make sure the Black community knows what they’re are smoking and seeking the best in their weed, rather than just accepting what’s available.

Helena — “Buss It”

Around the 13:30 mark, Maisha is shopping for clothes for herself with Jemma when we this song plays. A well-known rapper by the name of She Goes Hard walks in and introduces herself to Maisha, noting that she’s heard her recent viral song. She then asks Maisha if she would like to be an opening performer at her upcoming show which Maisha excitedly accepts.

Anita Baker — “Body And Soul”

Anita Baker’s “Body And Soul” plays around the 32:13 mark as Papa and his older coworker, Kenya drive home together. Papa, who is 17, has taken a liking to Kenya, who is 19, and she likes him back. However, Kenya won’t allow him to take her out on a date until he turns 18 which won’t happen for a few months.

Michaela — “Truth Tastes Good”

This song plays around the 47:15 mark as Maisha walks off the stage following her performance as an opener for She Goes Hard. Kevin is in her dressing room waiting to congratulate her on the performance. It’s there that they also define their relationship — well, they kinda do — after nearly sharing another kiss. Jemma then walks into the room to end this moment of soft romance.

Alonda Rich — “Supply & Demand”

Around the 49:54 mark, this record by Alonda Rich can be heard as we meet up with Papa and Kenya at Smokey’s once again. Kenya makes it clear that she will not go on an official date with Papa before he turns 18, but admits that she will consider hanging out with him as friends before his birthday. Kenya also agrees to give Papa rides home on the shifts the work together.

Lil Durk — “No Interviews”

This week’s episode ends with Lil Durk’s “No Interviews” playing as the end credits run on the screen. It comes after Rob visited his mother to ask for a $100,000 loan in order for him and Tiffany to start their marijuana business. She agrees to give him the money, rather than loan it, in exchange for him finding out who killed her brother Quentin. She also implies that Rob should kill the person that killed Quentin, or get someone else to do it.

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