Race for DA | Meet Shannon McAuliffe, The Progressive Candidate On Notorious In The Morning!

Written by on June 22, 2018

Notorious In The Morning takes a look at the Suffolk County District Attorney race Monday morning — the first competitive one in more than 15 years when in February, Suffolk District Attorney Dan Conley, who has been in office for 16 years, announced he would not seek another term.

On Monday, B87’s morning show host Notorious VOG will interview Suffolk County DA candidate and Attorney Shannon McAuliffe on her campaign platform, policies and priorities! To listen in, set your dial to Boston’s only real urban morning conversation at 87.7 FM, online at B87FM.com, 6:30am to 11:00am EST!

Shannon McAuliffe is one of five Democrats running in the September 4 primary. The winner will face an unenrolled candidate in November. Wake that Ass Up and meet one of Boston’s most progressive attorneys, Shannon McAuliffe!

District attorneys are the most powerful people in the criminal justice system – and they’re accountable only to you the voters. This September, Boston has a chance to elect a brand-new District Attorney. DAs are the most powerful decisionmakers in our criminal justice system–and Boston needs a DA that’s here for us the people. In a city where people of color accounts for more than 70% of all police stops, and represents less than 25% of the total population, the DA has massive power over who is targeted, protected, and who is prosecuted.

In addition to having control over decisions that can make or break someone’s life, they have executive and administrative control over hundreds of staff and prosecutors handling cases within our city courts. They have a coordinating relationship with law enforcement, judges, city hall, and state house. Especially in a Trump era, with a resurgence of nativist attitudes and racially coded “Law & Order” tactics leading to an increase in hate crimes and persecution of immigrants – this DA election is the most important election of the election season.

 About Shannon McAuliffe

One of Boston’s most progressive attorneys, Shannon McAuliffe has spent 20 years championing reforms to our criminal justice system. As your next Suffolk County District Attorney, she will lead a prosecutor’s office guided by truth, trust, and transformation.

TRUTHWho you know and your zip code should not determine your fate in prosecution. It’s time to start telling the truth about how inequalities impact every stage of prosecutorial decisions.

TRUST: As DA, Shannon will ensure victims understand the process, feel heard and obtain services to address their pain and loss. 

TRANSFORMATIONShannon will end the revolving door of mass incarceration that keeps us all less safe. She will pursue smart alternatives to jail, end overcharging, and minimize the use of cash bail.

 Shannon graduated from Suffolk University Law School and practiced law for 15 years in Suffolk County. She has built a reputation for relentlessness, innovation, and integrity.  At 43, Shannon enrolled at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, where she studied leadership around poverty and recidivism. She then became a director at Roca, a nationally recognized organization that disrupts the cycle of poverty and incarceration for young men in Suffolk County. For those engaged in the program for 24 months or longer, 79% had no new arrests for any new charges.

Shannon will implement criminal justice reform that can heal and empower the community. Her experience will drive the change needed to build a stronger, safer community for us all.

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