What Happened Between Drake And Billie Eilish?

Written by on October 18, 2023

Drake’s chart-topping album For All The Dogs finds him name-checking several people, such as 21 Savage, and maybe several others, like Kanye West. Many are convinced that “Fear Of Heights” is about Rihanna (for good reason), while Drake directly referenced the commentary surrounding his support of Millie Bobby Brown and their large age gap in “Another Late Night” featuring Lil Yachty. But people have taken more issue with Yachty’s evocation of Billie Eilish in the same song.

“I let her go, she fine as hell, but baby wasn’t stylish (Yeah),” Yachty raps in his verse. “She had big t*ts like Billie Eilish but she couldn’t sing (Drip).” Eilish subtly acknowledged the unsolicited objectification of her body — unfortunately, she’s been dealing with unwanted over-sexualization of her body for years — and it’s especially confusing because there hadn’t been any public evidence that there’s any bad blood between Eilish and Yachty or between Eilish and Drake.

BuzzFeed News did the dirty work of chronicling Eilish’s friendship with Drake. In 2019, during the third iteration of her annual “Same Interview” with Vanity Fair, Eilish complimented Drake as the “nicest dude.” She shared they’d only ever texted, but she was surprised by how nice he was because “he’s at the level where he doesn’t need to be nice, but he is.”

At the time, Eilish was closing in on her 18th birthday, and Drake had just turned 33. As with Millie Bobby Brown, people quickly pointed out how it felt “creepy” for Drake to be texting with underage girls. BuzzFeed News also resurfaced photo proof that Eilish has known Yachty since at least 2018.

That makes Yachty’s “Another Late Night” bar all the more confounding. It would appear that both rappers had gone out of their way in the past to be kind to an up-and-coming Eilish, so why would Yachty go out of his way to insult her now? Nothing blatant has happened to suggest a rift. Maybe it’s a private joke between friends who all happen to lead hyper-public lives; none of us can claim to know where these three currently stand with each other. Regardless, this isn’t the first time Drake has come under fire for housing misogynistic lyrics on an album.

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