[embedded content] Share This Video Sometimes, all you need for a good music video is some strobe lights and a ridiculous, but fun concept. That’s exactly what Mustard and Migos put into effect for their “Pure Water” video, packing out the clip with vivacious models but turning the trope on its head by giving them […]

Quality Control “Disposable” is one of the most frustrating terms music critics tend to overuse. It suggests that the music itself determines its worth to the listener, as if the listener doesn’t have any agency in whether or not they like what they hear. It mischaracterizes the relationship between the creator, the product, and the […]

Getty Image In September of 2017, Lil Pump posted a photo of himself to Instagram grinning from ear-to-ear with the now-famous caption, “I really dropped out of Harvard to save the rap game.” A month later, he posted another photo of himself. In this one, the 18-year-old rapper is wearing a white doctor’s coat with […]

Getty Image The highly anticipated third Migos solo album could be coming very soon. Quavo delivered Quavo Huncho in October, and Takeoff’s The Last Rocket> took flight in November. Now, with just a few days remaining in December, we’ve still yet to receive a solo delivery from Offset. However, it appears as if they may […]

Getty Image Gucci Mane is gearing up for the release of his first album of 2018, Evil Genius, and so far, the run-up has included the hilarious video for “Wake Up In The Sky” with Kodak Black and Bruno Mars and the fiery one for “I’m Not Goin’” with Kevin Gates. Now, with just a […]

EA Sports NBA Live 19 is getting a bit of an update, and this time the new features focus on a lot more than just the game on the court. The EA Sports basketball game is adding a few new perks for players that focus on the culture around the game, including its hip hop […]

Getty Image Modern day athletes are about the closest thing we can get to real-life superheroes, and you know what they say: Every good hero should have some theme music. The Superman of the NBA, LeBron James, now has his own thanks to ESPN’s new partnership with Atlanta rap label, Quality Control, and Quavo, who […]

[embedded content] Share This Video One thing that I always loved about Migos is how creative their videos look. From kung-fu films to Soul Train to drug kingpin crime stories, it’s clear they’ve been influenced by all types of film and pop culture and use that imagery to bring their colorful imagery to life. Quavo, […]

Quavo is prepping to release Quavo Huncho, his first official solo album. The project was originally supposed to drop last month but was delayed for unknown reasons. It looks like he’s looking to perfect the project — and even as he’s on tour with Drake and his Migo comrades, he’s refining it. In fact, being […]

Migos member Quavo strikes out alone in his latest video as the trio continues their Aubrey And The Three Amigos Tour alongside Drake. “Workin Me,” released as part of a three-song set including “Lamb Talk” from the Atlanta trap-rap superstar, receives the cinematic visual treatment, directed by Quavo himself with assistance from Joseph DeRosiers Jr. […]

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